Talk to a Professional (for Students)

You may decide that you would like to talk to a professional for support or to learn about options and resources available to you. Below you’ll find some information to help you navigate the different professionals here on campus who will believe you and are ready to help.

Talk to a Counselor

The Counseling Center is a strictly confidential service; clinic staff do not report sexual violence incidents to administration.


  • The Counseling Center offers emergency same-day appointments, Monday-Friday, Noon - 4:00 pm. 504-314-2277
  • A student who has experienced sexual violence can go to the Counseling Center and tell the front desk they need to see someone that day to discuss an urgent situation. It is important that students are specific in requesting a same-day appointment so a clinician can assist them promptly.

Group Therapy

  • The Counseling Center offers a Survivors of Sexual Assault group. Learn more about Counseling Center Groups on the Campus Health website.
Talk to a Case Manager

Case Management & Victim Support Services is a private office whose aim is to empower students who are victims and survivors of crime to make informed decisions in their recovery process. Case Managers provide a web of support in helping students connect with resources, learn about reporting options, obtain necessary accommodations, coordinate information, navigate between different on- and off-campus offices, and provide ongoing support and advocacy throughout the recovery process.

To connect with a Case Manager:

  • In person: Case managers are available Monday-Friday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
  • By Phone: (504) 314-2160
  • By Email:
  • Online: Concerns Report
  • After-Hours: (504) 920-9900 (24/7 line)