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Know My Name: Know More

Ready to know more about sexual assault so you can better help end it? Know My Name is just the start. We know you have a lot going on in life, but if you commit to watching or reading or listening to something about this issue just once a month over the next few months, that could have an incredible impact on changing our culture to one where sexual assault is rare—if not totally gone. 

Below, we have a suggested “curriculum” for the 2021-2022 school year. Each month centers around a theme from Know My Name, with a list of TV shows, movies, documentaries, articles (both academic research articles and articles from newspapers and magazine), podcasts, books.  There’s an incredible range of media to choose from and different time commitments. Maybe it’s a heavy month with midterms and watching a Netflix show is too much, but a podcast you can listen to as you walk around campus one day, you can make time for that. And note that this is suggested, but you should engage with things that interest you, no matter what month they are “supposed” to be in. Plus, we really hope that you will turn to more things than what we just listed here—find the things that speak to you so you can speak up against this epidemic. That’s why we’ve also included in each month a “Bonus: Be the Swede” lesson focused on what we need to do to be better bystanders—and how to be better to each other in general.  We hope this is a helpful place to start as you go all in on ending sexual assault.

Curriculum to be published soon - stay tuned!