How to Support Your Student

As an employee at Tulane, you have an obligation to report any incidents of sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, or relationship violence that you either witness or are disclosed to you by students. In no event should the disclosing victim be told that your conversation will be confidential. You can report disclosures online at or call the Title IX Coordinator at 504-865-5611.

Faculty members are in a unique position to provide care to our students. You see students on a continual basis, so you are able to see changes in student behavior, such as:

  • Increased emotions or anxiety
  • Decline in academic performance
  • Chronic absenteeism
  • Sudden and significant changes in behavior or habits

All of these can be signs that a student is experiencing stress or crisis, like a sexual assault. Your care can help connect a student to the resources that they need.

Academic Modifications for Survivors

Students who experience sexual violence may need modifications in their classes, including:

  • They may miss class for appointments with counseling or the police.
  • They may require extensions on assignments.
  • They may have safety concerns that impact their seating arrangements.

Either your student or Case Management & Victim Support Services will speak with you about these needs, and it is the expectation of every faculty member to provide reasonable modifications to help remedy the effects of sexual assault.

Sexual violence should not stand in the way of a student's success. Your support can ensure that does not happen.

For more detailed information on how faculty can support sexual violence response and prevention efforts at Tulane, review our Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Guide for Faculty