Report to Police

Sexual violence is a crime. You have the right to report to law enforcement and initiate a criminal investigation and response to what has happened.

Tulane students have two police departments to turn to when reporting incidents of sexual violence:

NOPD investigates all incidents of sexual violence in the city, including on Tulane's campus, but you can reach out to TUPD first to report what has happened. TUPD will immediately reach out to NOPD, and their detectives will come to you. If you have experienced sexual violence outside of the New Orleans area but want to connect with law enforcement, TUPD can help connect you to the appropriate authorities.  It is important to know that if you report to TUPD, TUPD will share your report with key offices at Tulane University.  Please refer to Report to Tulane to learn more about what happens when Tulane receives a report of sexual violence. If you want to report to law enforcement but do not want to report to Tulane, we encourage you to file a report directly with NOPD.  Tulane has professional staff available 24/7 to assist you in reporting to law enforcement: the Student Affairs Professional On-Call, who can be reached 24/7 at 504-920-9900, and Case Management and Victim Support Services, who can be reached at 504-314-2160 or in suite G02 of the LBC Monday-Friday 8:30 - 5. 

To report or to learn more about the criminal investigative process, you can contact:

Tulane University Police Department (Uptown)
Emergency: 504-865-5911   /   Non-emergency: 504-865-5381

Tulane University Police Department (Downtown)
Emergency: 504-988-5555   /   Non-emergency: 504-988-5531

New Orleans Police Department
Emergency: 911   /   Non-emergency: 504-821-2222