Shifting the Paradigm

Shifting the Paradigm is an annual event that brings our community together to learn about sexual misconduct on our campus and to renew our commitment to combating sexual misconduct.  The event includes a presentation on sexual misconduct reporting data from the past year. Click here to view a recording of Shifting the Paradigm 2022, and stay tuned for details about the 2023 event. 

Take Back the Night

Take Back the Night is an annual event to raise awareness about sexual violence and is planned in partnership with Loyola University, Xavier University of New Orleans, Dillard University, and the University of New Orleans.  Stay tuned for details about the 2023 event.

Body Respect Week

Body Respect Week is an invitation to be a part of conversations about bodies, one that nourishes and celebrates who are and who we can become, including every way we show up in the world!  Visit the Body Respect Week website to learn more and see a calendar of events.  More details to come about Body Respect Week 2023. 

Annual Town Hall on Sexual Violence Prevention and Response

The Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Town Hall gives students a chance to learn more about the work Tulane faculty and students are doing to combat sexual violence on campus.  The town hall is hosted by the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Collective.  More details to come about 2023-24's event. 

Healthy Relationships Week

SAPHE's Healthy Relationships Week is a week dedicated to promoting healthy relationships between romantic partners, friends, and selves at Tulane! As a community, we will be learning about the signs of an unhealthy relationship, healthy conflict, ways to show appreciation, healthy sexual practices, and more to help us understand what it takes to have healthy social connections!  More details to come about 2023-24's event. 

Sex Week

Sex Week brings together the Tulane community to offer a diverse week of comprehensive, queer-inclusive, culturally-specific, sex-positive sexual health events and conversations.  Visit to learn more. 2024 dates to come.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Each April, individuals and institutions come together to raise public awareness about sexual violence in all its forms and educate our communities about how to prevent it. Visit here to see 2023's slate of events.