Education & Interventions

The following All In education initiatives are focused on empowering students.

Survivors of Sexual Assault Resource Card

Campus health centers play a crucial role in comprehensive, campus-wide prevention and response to sexual violence. To increase student knowledge about the resources available to them, Campus Health created the sexual assault survivor resource card.

By creating a clinic environment where students have the opportunity to talk about healthy relationships and consensual sexual activity, as well as disclose experiences of violence, we are helping to create a safe and supportive campus culture that does not tolerate violence. All incoming students receive this card during orientation as well as during visits to The Health Center, CAPS for Counseling Services, and The Well for Health Promotion.

The card provides information about how to support survivors and the back panel includes information on confidential sexual assault, domestic violence, and hotlines/online resources.

One Wave

One Wave is Tulane's bystander intervention initiative designed to equip our community with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to intervene in situations that involve, or have the potential to involve, sexual assault. One Wave empowers each Tulanian to proactively and outwardly support norms and actions that protect from violence. Attend a 1-hour, student-led workshop to learn how to keep our peers and communities safe from sexual violence. To request a workshop, please fill out a request form here.

The Consent Conversation Workshop

What is consent? How do you know if you have consent? Why is consent important? The Well has developed a consent workshop focused on answering these questions and helping students understand the complexities of consent. You can request this consent workshop for your class or organization here.

Groundwork: Sexual Misconduct Response and Prevention Training

This training is part of Tulane’s All In Initiative to stop all forms of sexual violence. Developed in 2019, Groundwork is a comprehensive 45-minute sexual misconduct prevention education online module specifically geared towards graduate and professional students at Tulane.

One question that comes up is “IS GROUNDWORK REQUIRED FOR GRADUATE AND PROFESSIONAL STUDENTS? Please contact your specific graduate or professional school to confirm.

By the end of Groundwork, you will be able to:

  • Comprehend terms associated with sexual misconduct
  • Identify characteristics of sexual misconduct that are unique to graduate and professional students
  • Discuss the impacts of sexual misconduct on individuals, relationships, communities, and society
  • Explain the difference between confidential and private resources
  • Recall resources both on and off-campus
  • Know what to do if you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual misconduct
  • Understand the reporting processes for Tulane and for law enforcement
  • Recall the 3 forms of sexual misconduct prevention work
  • List the 4 D's of Bystander Intervention work

How To Self-Enroll in Groundwork Courses

This course has enabled open enrollment. Students can self-enroll in the respective courses of their schools with the links provided below.

A.B Freeman School of Business

Canvas Course Name: Groundwork-ABF

Enroll Now

School of Architecture

Canvas Course Name: Groundwork-TSA

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School of Law

Canvas Course Name: Groundwork-LAW

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School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Canvas Course Name: Groundwork-SPHTM

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School of Liberal Arts

Canvas Course Name: Groundwork-SLA

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School of Medicine

Canvas Course Name: Groundwork-SOM

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School of Professional Advancement

Canvas Course Name: Groundwork-NTC

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School of Social Work

Canvas Course Name: Groundwork-SSA

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School of Science and Engineering

Canvas Course Name: Groundwork-SSE

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Contact Information

For questions about Groundwork, contact:

Understanding Sexual Violence 101

Understanding Sexual Violence 101 is a 50-minute workshop focused on providing participants with basic information about sexual violence and it's impact on our campus. The workshop includes definitions, statistics, and facts that challenge common myths about sexual violence. Presented by SAPHEs; available virtually and in-person. To request a workshop, please fill out a request form here.

One Wave

(Un)Healthy Relationships is a 50-minute workshop focused on establishing the differences between healthy, unhealthy, and abusive relationships. The workshop includes activities that allow participants to define commonly misunderstood terms, practice healthy communication, and identify potential red flags in relationships.To request a workshop, please fill out a request form here.

Supporting Survivors

a 50-minute workshop focused on providing participants with basic information on how to support a person who has experienced sexual violence. This workshop discusses the effects of trauma on survivors, how to be an empathetic listener, and the importance of using a survivor centered approach. To request a workshop, please fill out a request form here.