All In Grants

All In is Tulane's commitment to prevent and respond to sexual violence.  All In seeks to empower members of our campus community to prevent, intervene in, and respond to acts of sexual violence. Students can apply for funding for programmatic opportunities and inclusive initiatives that support the goals of All In.  The goals of All In are:

  1. Encourage sexual respect and prosocial community norms that protect from and condemn sexual violence.
  2. Increase collaboration within the Tulane community on issues of sexual violence.
  3. Integrate sexual violence prevention in both curricular and co-curricular life.
  4. Be a national leader on campus based sexual violence prevention assessment and research.
  5. Create a campus culture supportive of healthy sexuality, focused on healthy relationships and respect.
  6. Acknowledge and address the role alcohol plays in the perpetration of sexual violence.

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Funded Student Grants

Current Grants

  • Grace Beatty was awarded a student grant in fall 2022 to pursue intimacy coordinator certification, which will enable her to serve as an intimacy coordinator for a spring theater production at Tulane, present to digital media practices (DMP) classes on intimacy coordination and how to direct intimate scenes, and create a handbook on directing actors in intimate scenes for use by students in the DMP Department and the Theater Department.
  • Tulane Peer Health Educators (TUPHE) were awarded a student grant in fall 2022 to support marketing for the relaunch of One Wave, Tulane’s bystander intervention program to empower community members to intercede in potential moments of power-based violence

Past Grants

  • SAPHE was awarded a student grant in spring 2021 to support a workshop for Sex Week 2021.  "Reconnecting with Your Sexuality After Trauma" was an inclusive, trauma-informed, pleasure-focused event aimed to educate the Tulane community about sex after experiencing sexual trauma. 
  • Sophi Tomasulo was awarded a student grant in spring 2021 to support Masked Violence, a collaborative art installation and exhibition which aimed to shine a light on the persistent and evolving sexual violence crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Read the Hullabaloo’s coverage of Masked Violence.
  • The Trauma-Informed Care Coalition, a group of School of Medicine students, was awarded a student grant in spring 2022 to support a multi-tiered project to amplify survivor stories and introduce clinician training materials on trauma informed care in clinic and hospital settings. The All In grant supported a podcast series, a role play series, and a point-of-view forensic exam video for educational use by the School of Medicine as well as local victim service providers.
  • Annie Buck and Abi Mbaye  were awarded a student grant in spring 2020 to create a timeline that traces the use of sexual violence as a tool to maintain social and power hierarchies in the United States.  Kelly Jackson and Erin Marney were awarded funding in summer 2020 to compile research for the timeline.  Karlyn Simcox was hired in Fall 2022 to finish the project, which was completed and displayed in April 2023.