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If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault, call 504-920-9900 to speak privately with someone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or, fill out our reporting form.

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What happens if I report to Tulane?

When a person experiences sexual violence, it can feel as though your power—your choices—have been taken away from you. When you disclose to Tulane, we want you to get your power back. That's why reporting to Tulane means that you have choices to make about what the next steps look like. For some people, reporting can be a way to initiate our conduct process because you want to hold whomever harmed you accountable for their behavior; for others reporting is to ensure that your experience is recognized; and sometimes, reporting is a means to get the support you need to feel safe and healthy. Or, it could be all three. This is what you can expect when you disclose to Tulane:

  • The report is sent to Case Management and Victim Support Services (CMVSS), who will reach out to you to offer support. They will explain your reporting options, including the Tulane conduct process and reporting to law enforcement. They can connect you to our Office of Student Conduct and can connect you to the police. You choose whether to proceed forward with a conduct case or a criminal case.  Learn more about what happens when CMVSS receives a report (link to graphic on CMVSS getting a report) and what happens during investigations.
  • There are some instances, though, when the information you share is so serious that the university needs to move forward without your participation because there is a threat to the community. You will be told about this decision, and you can make choices about what you want to share or not.  
  • You can make a report using the form below, by walking into Suite G02 of the LBC, which houses Case Management and Victim Support Services, the Office of Student Conduct, and the Title IX Coordinator, Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 5 pm, or by calling the Student Affairs Professional on call 24/7 at 504-920-9900.
  • The report also goes to the Title IX Coordinator, who is responsible for ensuring that every report receives a response and then collects data on incidents of violence so that we can track where, when, and who these incidents impact.

Does Tulane grant amnesty for people reporting sexual violence?

  • Students who were drinking under the age of twenty-one or under the influence of drugs when they experienced or witnessed sexual violence might be concerned about reporting what they have experienced or seen because of the fear of "getting in trouble" for the alcohol or drug consumption. Please know that Tulane's Code of Student Conduct grants amnesty in these situations.
How to File a Report

For Faculty & Staff Victims you can file a report now or report directly to:
Office of Institutional Equity
Uptown Square campus
200 Broadway Street, Suite 105-A


Tulane Title IX Coordinator
Meredith Smith 504-314-2160

For other questions or concerns related to Title IX, you can contact the Office for Civil Rights; the Dallas branch serves Tulane:
Dallas Office
U.S. Department of Education
1999 Bryan Street, Suite 1620
Dallas, TX 75201-6810
Telephone: (214) 661-9600
Facsimile: (214) 661-9587

Investigation & Adjudication of Misconduct

Tulane has an obligation to investigate reports of sexual misconduct on our campus. Two offices share responsibility for investigating and adjudicating reports of sexual misconduct at Tulane:

Reports Against Students

Office of Student Conduct (OSC)

OSC is responsible for investigating reports where a Tulane student is alleged to have committed an act of sexual or gender-based harassment, sexual assault, stalking, or dating/domestic violence.  Learn more about the Conduct process in these cases.

Code of Student Conduct

Reports Against Faculty/Staff

Office of Institutional Equity (OIE)
Uptown Square 105-A 504-862-8083

Equal Opportunity/Anti-Discrimination Policies

OIE is responsible for investigating reports where a Tulane faculty, staff, or a third-party person (for example, a private security guard or a Sodexo employee from the dining hall) is alleged to have committed an act of sexual or gender-based harassment, sexual assault, stalking, or dating/domestic violence.

OIE also investigates all allegations of sexual discrimination at Tulane, like discriminatory hiring and firing and wage discrimination.