Legal Resources

Victims of sexual misconduct have options available to them through the criminal-legal system and the civil-legal system.  Learn more about your options for reporting to the police.  Victim advocates in Case Management and Victim Support Services and off-campus victim advocates can provide support for individuals who are considering reporting to the police or who have already initiated a criminal case.  Additionally, the Take Back the Night Foundation runs a free legal hotline for survivors of sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape or other sexual violence. 


Protective Orders

Protective orders, also known as restraining orders, can be an important tool to promote safety for victims/survivors and to prevent contact with an individual who has caused harm.  This video series is designed to help students learn more about protective orders and understand how to file for a civil order of protection from intimate partner abuse, sexual assault, or stalking.


Video #1: How to File a Petition for Protection

Video #2: Frequently Asked Questions

Video #3: Types of Restraining Orders

Video #4: Filing a Criminal Complaint

Video #5: Restraining Order Hearing 101