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If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault, call 504-920-9900 to speak privately with someone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or, fill out our reporting form.



Consent—Let’s talk about it! Students arrive at college with varying levels of sex education. For many, sex-ed. included little to no information on consent.

consentual is a student-led campaign to:

1) Reduce the taboo-factor surrounding sex 

2) Inspire more conversations about consent


Learn more about the campaign mission below and how you can be a part of creating a consent culture on campus.


Consent is about more than just “No means No” and “Yes means Yes.” It’s a conversation. 

Consent is asking for and receiving explicit, enthusiastic, and ongoing affirmation before and during any action involving another’s personal space. 
It cannot be coerced. It can be revoked at any time.

Learn more about Tulane’s definition of affirmative consent in the Code of Student Conduct.

Request or attend a workshop on consent.



Consent isn’t always sexual, but it’s often what we think of first. For many of us, talking about sex can feel uncomfortable or awkward; however, the more we normalize the language surrounding sex, the more equipped we’ll be to communicate and understand what’s okay and what’s not in the heat of the moment.


For those unfamiliar with the subject, consent can seem complicated. consentual aims to clarify specifically what consent is and how you to incorporate it into our daily lives. Consent is for everyone! And with everyone involved, we can transform and cultivate a consent culture campus-wide.

Sex can be challenging for some to talk about. consentual empowers individuals to engage in sex-positive conversations and to encourage others to do the same. When we normalize the language, we minimize the fear of demanding respect and asking questions. Ultimately, we have the power to reshape what is normal. No longer will discussing consent be a breach of normalcy, but instead a core element of conversation.


Join the Conversation!

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