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2018-2019 End of Year Report

Tulane’s motto, ‘Not for One’s Self, But for One’s Own’ expresses the care and safety we collectively strive to provide for every member of our community. As we began the 2018-2019 academic year, we began a new chapter in sexual violence prevention at Tulane with All In, our shared commitment to end sexual violence in all forms at Tulane.

Last year, Tulane made a commitment to fund a new prevention strategy. This funding was based on a series of goals, objectives, and activities based on the Climate Survey data and the feedback from the Wave of Change campaign the previous year. This new strategy was a significant monetary commitment from the University to engage students, faculty, and staff to address sexual violence/misconduct at Tulane. This report is a summary of the implementation year and work that was done across campus. As we embark on year two of All In, we are excited to share the progress made during year one. Thanks to the insights and recommendations gained through the university community, this last year we were able to institute new programs and activities that are informed by the whole community.

At Tulane, we are ALL involved. We are ALL instrumental. And we are ALL IN to stop sexual violence in our community.

2018-2019 End of Year Report

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